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"What If We Really Love All Humanity?"

"What If We Really Love All Humanity?"
by Steve Roberts Fine Art


I peruse many blogs and once in a while, the writer touches me profoundly.  Bill Hess, over at Wasilla Alaska by 300 is one of those writers.

In writing about a local Tea Party rally, Bill stopped me in my tracks with this photo and commentary:

Look at that mountain, standing so beautiful above and indifferent to the fray. It is not on your side, it is not on my side. It doesn't give a damn about you or me or our squabbles. That mountain is Alaska, that mountain is America. It is the absolute, real America. When we are all gone and forgotten, it will still stand. Not forever - nothing of this earth does, but long beyond any memory of us.

Thank you Bill, for your irrefutable wisdom.

Please visit Bill's site often.  He is a phenomenal writer and I like to think of him as the literary Norman Rockwell for our times.



Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm off to peruse yours some more. And Bill's as wel., I had not heard of his blog, so thanks! What amazing sentiment! And that painting that tops your blog...just gets me in the solar plexus! WOW!


Thanks, RunninL8! I very much appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving a comment as well!

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