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"What If We Really Love All Humanity?"

"What If We Really Love All Humanity?"
by Steve Roberts Fine Art

Jennifer Lynn Marie Sule - I Miss You.

Jennifer will always be Jenna to me.  We met at work and due to the fact that there were too many Jennifer's at the time, she introduced herself as Jenna.  She will always be My Jenna.  That's what we called each other: My Jenna or My Carli.  Those were our endearing nicknames for each other.

You can't begin to understand how difficult it is to relay how much someone is important to you when you love them so much...

To be honest, Jenna  and I couldn't stand each other when we first met.  She was The Ditz and I was The Bitch. That was the running joke between us.  But after getting to know each other, there is no other woman besides my mom whom I loved more. Jenna was the most kind-hearted, most intelligent woman I could ever come to know.  She taught me things about the devout religious (she was Catholic; I am Atheist).  Even now, it warms my heart regarding the seriously, heated arguments we had about the subject.  Yet she opened my eyes about why she believed. Her Catholicism comforted her.  It gave her peace and resolution.  It made her who she was.  And she was beautiful.  She was absolutely the most imperfect, beautiful person I have ever come to know.

I say imperfect and beautiful in the same sentence because they are the right words.  Jenna was not perfect; but she was as close to a perfect, beautiful, kind-hearted human being that I have ever had the grace of sharing this earth with.  I don't say that because she has passed.  I have always felt that way.

Jenna made my life worth something by gracing my life with hers.  I love you, little sister.  I miss you.


Pnane Weg
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